Sunday Sketches

Sometimes you have an image, especially one that’s part of a piece of decorator paper, that needs to be showcased. Today’s sketch uses a sash banner to add some movement to an otherwise ordinary card.

For my card, I could have made my kite image as a side banner, but it was printed at such an interesting angle that it seemed to fly off the side of the card and not up into the wild, blue yonder. Instead, I rotated it just a little, and suddenly the kite is in flight!

This sketch is also perfect for both a title and a sentiment. Overlapping the words onto the sash gave it some added dimension, and sticker alphabets in two different fonts was just fun!

Ready to make this sketch your own? Start with a background and a matted background paper for your card’s base. Make sure it’s a solid color or a very light pattern so the image really stands out.

The image is your focal point, so pick something strong and vibrant for your sash banner. Arrange it so it hangs off the edges of the card base and trim it off.

Next, choose your letter stickers, rub one or other alphabets. You’ll need two, or one sentiment and a title. You could also use a printed verse here, or a larger sticker phrase.

And that’s it! Add your hand-written message to the inside, and it’s ready to go! When you’re done, make sure you show us your finished product and share how you made this sketch into something special.


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