Would You Rather - Christmas Edition!

Looking for a last-minute Christmas game to play with your youth or another church group? Try a round or two of Would You Rather ... Christmas Edition!

Here are a few questions to get you started:

Would you rather ... talk with Elisabeth about pregnancy at her old age or with Mary about pregnancy at her young age?

Would you rather ... sing with the angels or listen with the shepherds?

Would you rather ... stay in the inn on Christmas Eve or in the stable with the animals?

Would you rather ... see the baby with the shepherds or see Him as a young child with the wise men?

Would you rather ... go back to the sheep and praise God by yourself or race into town and tell everyone you can find about the baby?

Would you rather ... follow the star or follow your GPS?

Would you rather ... give gifts or receive gifts?

Would you rather ... be the donkey that carried Mary to Bethlehem or be the donkey that carried Jesus to Jerusalem?

Would you rather ... write and send Christmas cards or send holiday messages through social media?

Would you rather ... cook a huge Christmas meal for your friends and family or help serve Christmas dinner to those less fortunate?

What questions would you add for a personalized game of Would You Rather...?


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