A 1960 Christmas Flashback

Everything new and modern isn't always for the best. If we look back at Christmases past, it wasn't about buying a bunch of stuff. It wasn't about having the perfect picture to post on social media. Look at these pages from a 1960 cookbook, and I'm sure you'll see what I mean. 

Decorations were made from supplies the family already had. Ribbon, cloth, candy and a tin can lid or two were turned into some festive memories.

Imagine trimming the tree with beautiful fresh fruit instead of mass-produced decor that everyone will have. A tree covered with artificial flowers was a special, one-of-a-kind centerpiece to the holiday season.

We've gotten away from wrapped presents, turning instead to bags and gift card envelopes. Almost 60 years ago, creativity was key. Upcycling wasn't a catch-phrase: it was what you did to show how much you cared.

Parties were about fun, friends, family and lots of great food. And at Christmastime, they were planned with something greater in mind - a reason to gather and help the people around them. 

Somebody cooked. Somebody planned. And somebody cared enough to make Christmas a special occasion. This is one thing that hasn't changed over the last 60 years. This season of love and celebration is just as important as it was those decades ago. Now ... what are you going to do to make Christmas an experience of the heart?


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