Upcycle Your Christmas Cards Into A Garland

When you bring out your Christmas decorations or when you do a little winter organizing, you probably come across Christmas cards from days gone by. (Or years gone by, as the case may be.) Today's DIY will give you an idea for turning the images from those cards into an adorable garland.

Start by punching out large circles from the fronts of the cards. I used a 1.5-inch circle punch. You can make the three circles all from the same card or mix and match them as you please.

Keep punching until you have 10 or 12 sets of three pretty pictures.

Use adhesive on two sides of one circle and attach the second circle on one side.

Add the third circle, so now there is a little triangle with an open side.

Cut a length of ribbon or yarn and slip it through the open part of the triangle. Use one more piece of double stick tape or more glue to close up the triangle. Continue until you've attached all of your pictures. They'll spin so you can see all three pictures on each one, and you can space them out to make the garland as long as you'd like. 

These garlands will look amazing in your own home, and they make great hostess gifts. They're a one-of-a-kind, handmade way to celebrate the Christmas season.


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