Are You Taking Care Of Yourself This Christmas Season, Too?

This time of year is notorious for its busyness. Combine the things we want to do with the things we need to do, and there's probably a full calendar in front of you.

Instead of letting this season drain us, let's use the holidays as an opportunity to take care of ourselves in the same way we're apt to care for other people.

How much spare time do you have today? It may be 10 minutes, or you might have a whole afternoon. Here are just a few suggestions for ways to practice a little self-care in our busiest days.

Ten Minutes:
* Make a cup of something warm to drink.
* Cuddle and love on your pets.
* Read a devotion and meditate on the Scripture references.

Half an hour:
* Pick out a book you've been dying to read and curl up somewhere quiet.
* Paint your nails.
* Look through your closet and put together a few fun holiday outfits for those upcoming events.

Two hours:
* Bake your favorite cookies.
* Go to the library and browse the stacks.
* Watch a classic Christmas movie.

An afternoon:
* Go downtown and do some window shopping.
* Treat yourself to a massage or a pedicure.
* Bundle up and check out a local wildlife trail or drive.

Whatever you choose to do with the time you have, make sure you're getting your own batteries recharged. When you're done, you'll be ready to share the spirit of the season with the loved ones around you.


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