The Blessings Of Rain

After several days of oppressively hot temperatures with intense humidity, it finally rained in southern Iowa. It lasted most of the afternoon, and you could practically hear the ground slurping it up. 

Think about your reactions the last time you woke up to a thunderstorm or were disappointed because an event was canceled due to rain. Did you think about how important rain is and the blessings it brings?

* As human beings, we need a fresh water source to sustain life. Water flushes our bodies of toxins, and hydration keeps our energy up while transporting oxygen and nutrients through the body.

* All living, growing plants on earth require rain. It is absorbed through the roots and dispersed to the stems and leaves. Without healthy plants, we would have no oxygen to breathe.

* Rain affects the oceans by creating currents. Many of these currents are directly responsible for rainy and dry weather conditions.

* Both domestic animals and livestock need fresh water, just as humans do. A lack of water leads to less healthy animals and poorer quality of meat and dairy products. This often means higher prices at the grocery store.

* Farmers have stronger, healthier crops when they receive adequate rainfall. This means better fruits and vegetables for us and better seed and soil for future planting. 

* Rain reduces pollen and toxins in the air, as well as reducing dust and dirt. Less stuff in the air results in cleaner, healthier living environments for everyone.

Rain is such an essential part of our lives. So the next time it's storming, thank God for meeting all our needs in such a dramatic fashion.


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