Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

Sheet pan meals are the best, and these chicken fajitas are incredibly tasty. Plus ... next-to-no cleanup! Mix up your own combination of spices so it's as spicy - or not spicy - as you want.

When you go to the store to stock up on ingredients for this great recipe, look for traffic light peppers: red, yellow and green all in one package. The store will often pick the best quality veggies to put in these combinations, choosing pretty and fresh peppers together for simple prep.

2 lbs chicken breast, cut into strips
traffic light peppers - red, yellow and green - cut into thin strips
1 can diced tomatoes with green chilis, drained
2 Tbsp chili powder
2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp onion powder
fresh ground pepper to taste
salt to taste
tortillas, warmed for a few seconds

1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Cover a sheet pan with foil and spray lightly with nonstick spray.

2. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and toss to coat. Pour mixture onto prepared sheet pan.

3. Bake at 425 degrees for 18-20 minutes, until chicken in cooked through and veggies are tender.

4. Serve on warmed tortillas with salsa, sour cream and shredded cheese.


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