God Reigns And The Son Shines Church Bulletin Board DIY

I absolutely adore decorating our church bulletin boards. I try to plan ideas for each season, plus designs for specific scriptures. This one, our board for the summer months, is one of my favorites.

The easiest backgrounds for a bulletin board are plastic tablecloths and wrapping paper. Both come in a variety of colors and patterns, and they're easy to staple in place. This is a white tablecloth folded in half.

Between my downstairs closet and the teacher resource room at the church, I can always find some beautiful borders. In an instance where you need a thicker border, you can overlap them the way I did here on the sides. 

The letters are printed from the computer and hand-cut. Arranging them is always the hardest part of the board for me because I have absolutely no depth perception. Tacking them up with double stick tape before stapling or pinning them on makes rearranging them much easier.

To attach the flowers, I use long yellow sewing pins. (And to my sweet friend who knows who she is,  yes - the pins are showing!) They go through the middle of the flower and into the bulletin board behind it. No tape, no adhesive, no mess. I have a variety of sizes and colors separated in bags in my closet, divided up and hanging on hangers from the clothes bar.

The last decoration is the card stock sun with its rays of light. I cut a large circle from the tag board and then used the leftover paper for the rays. Eye-balling it works for me because I hate numbers and I hate measuring. As a last-minute addition, I cut out a few rain drops for the lefthand side. And here's my finished product - secrets revealed.


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