Motivation For Those Unfinished Projects

While continuing with my "use up your old craft supplies before you buy new ones" deal I made with myself, I've been organizing my craft room again. This time it was with the specific purpose of finishing projects I had started but never finished. On one particular shelf, I found a plastic bag full of half-created cards, apparently stored away for a day when I would have inspiration. This week I forced myself to be creative on command and made it through the entire stack. Here are a few examples of what I did to finish them.

This was the only large journaling block I had left from a set, so I taped it to the front of a card and left it. Obviously I didn't know how to fill in the blanks with something cute.

On second inspection, I decided to use some card stock sticker words to make a list of have-to-do actions for the day. Each word is accented with a red gem. The phrase is printed from the computer.

Apparently I was using up scraps on this particular day because all this card had was a background pattern and a border. It's definitely cute, but definitely in need of help, too.

 I added a Bible verse printed from the computer and attached two gold swirl clips. Each corner has a three-sided yellow gem for some added shine.

This would have been a cute card just like this, with vellum phrases and stamped leaves. But again, it just felt like a picture attached to a piece of paper - not bad, just not great.

I pulled out my fall embellishments bag (every home should have one) and found the same leaves stamped on textured paper and a variety of leaf-shaped buttons. A few glue dots later, I couldn't be happier with the results.

During my torn-and-textured-paper phase, which I don't remember ever having, I layered a few papers and topped it with a couple of stamps. When you go back to your early craft efforts, do you feel the same return-to- the-basics feeling I have? Weird.

To make it sendable without laughing, I chose one of my favorite seasonal Scriptures and added punched snowflakes and snowflake buttons. This made it more visually appealing and completed. Embellishments ... is there anything they can't do?

I hope this gives you some motivation to dig out some of your own craft projects and get them finished. Not only will you have extra space in your home, you'll have beautiful finished products to share and enjoy. Plus you might find some extra space in your brain since you won't keep thinking that you just need to get them done. Have fun!


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