Five Things To Do When You're Feeling Unproductive

Do you ever feel BLAH about the whole day? You have a mile-long list of things that need to get done, but you're short on time, energy and patience? Would you rather be curled up somewhere with a book than think about work, cleaning, outdoors chores or anything else that requires brain power?

It's not difficult to fall into this situation because our minds are the most difficult force to reckon with. Once you get your brain revved up, there will be no stopping you!

But how do you get to that point? Here are five easy things to do when you're feeling completely unproductive.

Read ONE verse of Scripture: Proverbs 27:23. It's good advice for whatever you're attempting today.

Take TWO minutes to write down everything it is you're trying to accomplish.

Choose the THREE priorities from that list that you could easily do in a day.

In just FOUR minutes, clear off your workspace. If that means throwing things in a box for the moment, do it. Then pull out only the things you'll need for those three priorities. Then do them - what could be more simple?

High-FIVE yourself when you're able to check three things off your to-do list! If there's time left in the day, repeat steps ONE through FOUR. With more high-FIVEs at the end.


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