Five Things NOT To Waste Your Money On This Weekend

The weekend is almost here, and I'm sure you already have your plans all laid out. Maybe you're getting out of town with the family, doing some much-needed work around the house or just catching up in errands chores. Sounds like we're all int he same boat.

But as you're out and about, think about these ways that you can NOT spend money, setting aside trivial little things so you have some extra cash. A penny saved is a penny you'll have saved up for when you need it most.

So, here are five things NOT to waste your money on this weekend.

* Fancy coffee - you know you have a bunch at home. Grab one of those 27 travel mugs you have in your kitchen cabinet and make some up before you go out.

* Trips to the thrift shop - I'm talking to myself on this one. I don't need new books, clothes or baking pans, which are what I usually go in there for. One weekend of not knowing if someone donated a book or skirt I just have to have isn't going to kill me.

* Expensive movie tickets - there are enough matinees at the theater, video stores with a wide selection and great prices and movies in your own media cabinet to last you for a hundred weekends.

* Another run to the grocery store - if you're like me, you probably have enough food in fridge and pantry to last for days. Get creative and use up what you already have before you go get more. Consider this a challenge.

* Emotional spending - just because you're in a bad mood (or are sad, tired, hungry, lonely or angry) doesn't justify spending money. Find an alternate release of those emotions, like reading a book or taking a walk, that won't cost you a penny.


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