Summer Centerpiece With Found Objects

The spring centerpiece from our dining room table went into storage this week. The only problem then was a naked table - I'm ashamed! So in keeping with my no-spend, use-what-you-have mentality for this year, I was determined to use only what we had in the house to make a beautiful summer piece.

Here's what I gathered:
- baskets from the garage
- floral foam from the craft closet
- burlap leftover from other projects
- a selection of flowers I have from ... well ... lots of occasions

I stacked the first two baskets with foam in the middle, securing them with toothpicks.

Then I cut down foam to fit in the open spaces, securing them with more toothpicks.

My favorite part is always breaking down the flowers and tucking them into place. To finish, I simply wrapped each basket with burlap and knotted them in the front. The end result is a 2-foot-tall centerpiece that I didn't have to spend an incredible amount of money on. And I love the results! 


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