Sunday Sketch

Today's sketch gives you a chance to practice cutting paper ribbon, a look that will serve you well in so many projects!

The background for this sketch is very simple - just three patterns, including two blocks as panels to build on.

The fun part is the ribbon. Cut a fairly thin rectangle of decorator paper and set it aside. Then cut a 1.5-inch square of card stock. Use this square to cut a notch out of the bottom of the strip of decorator paper. Play around with widths and sizes to get just the look you want.

Then overlap the sentiment onto the paper ribbon and embellish as you see fit!

For my card, I started with a dark blue denim background. I cut two more panels of coordinating decorator paper to complete the foundation of my card.

With another decorator paper, I cut a thin strip and used my card stock square to cut the notch out of the bottom.

After I adhered everything down, I added my Bible verse, overlapping it onto the ribbon.

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