Sew Your Own Fireworks For Paper Crafts

With the Fourth of July less than a week away, you have plenty of time to put together some fantastic patriotic paper crafts. This fireworks technique will work on anything, so play around with it!

You'll need a combination of red, white, blue and gold thread and a coordinating piece of paper.

Start by using a needle to poke eight holes in some resemblance of a circle. (Ten dots will make an amazing flower ... just so you know.)

Attach the thread to the back of the paper with tape, then connect the opposite dots to make the fireworks.

Then continue across the entire paper to make a fireworks display.

The more you make, the fuller and more colorful your image will be when you place it on a card or scrapbook page.

Rotate the piece until it looks just right and tack it down. By adjusting the spacing of the dots, the thickness of thread you use and the colors, you can make these fireworks perfect for any paper craft project. Have fun!


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