New Takes On Strawberry Shortcake

Everyone loves summertime because there are so many things we can enjoy only in these months. We go to the beach, we hang out on the deck all evening and we sip lemonade from pretty mason jars.

And we eat strawberry shortcake. By the truckload.

But who wants to eat strawberry shortcake the same way every time? We only have a few precious months to savor it, so let's put a new spin on an old favorite.

* Instead of the typical white cake, split a glazed donut in half for your top and bottom.

* Add your favorite ice cream as another layer of flavor.

* Layer it up in a glass jar or a miniature version.

* Thread pieces of cake and strawberries on a skewer and drizzle on vanilla icing.

* Use fluffy biscuits instead of cake.

* Turn the cake into cupcakes, with a strawberry in the middle and whipped cream instead of frosting.

* Instead of individual portions, make a multi-layer cake with strawberries and whipped cream between each layer.

* Bake the cake as a sheet cake, topping with vanilla frosting and piles of strawberries. Then just cut it in bars.

* Crumble the cake after it's cooled and make strawberry cake pops, adding finely diced strawberries to the cake crumbles and coating each ball in white chocolate.

* Layer cake, strawberries and whipped cream in a large trifle bowl and let everyone fend for themselves.


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