The Action of Thanksgiving

There are around 100 verses of Scripture than use the words thanks or thanksgiving. At this time of year, each one has even more important meaning than ever.

If you read these verses through one at a time, you'll notice all of the words that are associated with thanks:

* Offer
* Sacrifice
* Publish
* Magnify
* Come
* Enter
* Sing

And over, and over, and over again ... Give.

Thanks is not a passive word. It isn't something that just happens. Thanks is something that has to be done - actively and on purpose. It is not natural for thanksgiving to just ooze out of us. It is actively given, offered and sung.

So while you celebrate Thanksgiving today, remember to give thanks. Not just at the meal, but all day. If you are alone or with friends and family, give thanks. When you are aware of one of the many blessings in your life, offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving. Make a conscious effort to magnify the Lord by giving thanks.

Actively praise the Lord for all His great and mighty works, today and every day!


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