Rustic twine flowers

Here's fun and easy project that you can use for many different crafts. These rustic twine flowers can be attached to cards and scrapbook pages or arranged on a table for a party.


Using a circle cutter, make a 3-inch diameter circle out of the corrugated cardboard. You'll also need eight toothpicks, twine and a yarn needle. 

Place the toothpicks into the circle equally spaced. You'll only use the actual holes in the cardboard at the top and bottom. All of the others will have to be pushed through, making their own holes.

Starting with the top toothpick, wrap the twine from left to right. Hold the twine in the center with your thumb. Then wrap it around the bottom toothpick and bring it back to the center, holding it with your thumb. Turn the circle so the next toothpick to the left is at the top and keep wrapping the top and bottom toothpicks.

This will create the first eight petals for your flower. Wrap each one a second time and you'll end up back where you started.

To make the center of the flower, you'll actually tie them all together. Now you're going to back stitch around the center. Cut a long length of the twine and put the needle on the end. Start stitching by going underneath the top two petals. Pull down and tight to the middle. 

Now you'll put your needle between the first and second petals and go underneath the second and third petals. Pull the twine tight to the middle. Continue all the way around the flower, stitching the next two petals together each time.

This is what it will look like when you've stitched the full circle. Pull out the toothpicks, releasing the flower from the loom. To tie it off, put your needle through the center of the flower and pull through to the back. Repeat a couple of times from between different petals. End up on the back and tie a small knot to finish.

Now you'll have a rustic, finished flower. You can use it for all sorts of crafting and decorating projects.


  1. I saw these on google images under rustic pics. I liked it so i tried to see if i could do the same and i did they are so cute. Id like to share so that others like me can find things like this to make. So, simple ans easy thanks laura


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