The Way To Grow Your Marriage

There's no such thing as a perfect marriage. That may be the goal in some people's minds, but as long as two imperfect people are involved, the marriage will have its quirks, too.

However, there are many, many places in Scripture that teach us how to improve our marriage. God is very specific about our roles as individuals and our relationship as a couple. He has filled the Bible with stories of husbands and wives who succeeded and other who failed. They're there to be examples for those of us striving to be more.

The very best possible way to grow your marriage is to be closer to God - by yourself and with your husband. The relationships we have here on earth are reflective of the relationship with have with the Lord. By growing and learning and changing ourselves, we affect everyone around us, especially our spouse.

Right now, Danny and I are studying the Bible together using "A Couple After God's Own Heart" by Jim and Elizabeth George. The front half of the book shows the examples of many Biblical couples and how to be, or not be, like them. The back half is a 30-day devotional to be done as a couple.

Now, we don't read at the same speed, so Danny and I read each chapter separately and then talk about it later in the day. This gives us a chance to meditate on it during the day and study the Scriptures they present, and then we're able to talk in depth about it, not just say the first thing that comes to mind.

We've learned so much already - about ourselves and about each other. We've realized that we both know a lot of things we didn't know we knew. (I think you understand what I'm trying to say.) And because we know different things, we're able to share them, have some new insight and get inside each other's thought processes on a daily basis.

And most importantly, we're able to have some quiet time specially planned into the day. When a newspaper editor and undertaker try to match their schedules, it doesn't always work. But now we have time set aside just for us so we can talk about God's Word. It's a huge blessing to both of our lives.

You don't have to use any certain book or study to do this - just read the Bible together. Having a couple's altar time changes everything. We're talking and praying and learning more than we ever would have thought.

I pray you'll do this in your own home, if you're not already. God's Word never returns void, so be prepared to see some great and mighty works in your marriage.


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