Pill Organizer Gift Box

Why should a birthday only be celebrated on that one day? Where's the fun in that?

How about making the entire week before a birthday special? You can brighten someone's birthday week by giving them a little something the seven days leading up to that big day.

Using a pill box organizer as your gift wrap, gather a few tiny gifts and tuck them into each compartment. Then the birthday boy or girl can open one each day for a week.

There are larger pill boxes out there, but there are plenty of small things you can pack into the smaller ones, too.

How about:
- candy
- a heart-shaped rock
- a pin
- charms
- punched shapes
- hand-written notes
- a miniature of their favorite animal

Then tie it up with ribbon, explain the idea and let that special someone have a wonderful, surprise-filled week of their birthday.


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