Sunday Sketch

I adore using layers when I'm paper crafting. You can create such depth and variety just by combining textures and colors, one on top of another.

This sketch was an idea I had to use layering to its fullest. There are three layers on the background, two colors with a pattern on top. The top pattern needs to be fairly subtle, though, so it doesn't overpower the other patterns around it.

The two strips, the top pattern and the block with the sentiment, are also layered. This helps set them off from the colors around and behind them.

Then the large image in the middle should contrast the colors and patterns around it so it doesn't get lost.

So here's my final product. I'm keeping with the fall theme, combining those great autumn colors. The top pattern of the background is metallic, making a beautiful contrast.

The letters are stickers in the shape of old typewriter keys. The apple and leaf contrast with the reds and browns around it them and are 3D to stand out a little.

What can you do with this sketch? I'd love to see your ideas.

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