What's Standing In Your Way?

There's a great spot in our woods, just back from the edge of the big pond, where the trail widens and circles around the edge of the property. The girls love to go back in here because it's about as far away from the house as they can get. This means more room to run!

When we were down here fishing last week, I noticed that a large tree had been knocked over in the last storm. It fell in two pieces, and one caught so that it's suspended over the other. This makes it very difficult to get up this trail.

I couldn't help but think about what an obstacle this silly tree is. An unobstructed walk through the woods is now challenged by something much bigger than I am.

So what are the choices?

1. I could move it out of the way. Well, no. I couldn't. So that's out.

2. I could climb over it. But it's pretty far off the ground and that seems like lots of extra effort.

3. I could crawl underneath it. And come out the other side with ticks and ants and tree sap all over me. No, thank you.

4. I could go out and around it. Maybe find a different trail that ends up in the same place. If I knew where that might be.

5. I could go back home and forget about walking the trail today. But where's the fun in that?

Does this sound like any of the obstacles in your life? Maybe you don't have a silly fallen tree in your path, but chance are that you've got some very serious things standing in your way. The mountains of life look huge when you've been knocked to your knees.

There are just as many options for removing an obstacle from your path as there are ways to get around a fallen tree. There's no reason to stand in the trail crying about a blocked path when you can pray, listen for God's answer and act accordingly.

What's the fallen tree in your path right now? What's stopping you from being the wonderful, loving, special, complete person that the Lord created you to be?

That should be the topic of your prayer. Ask Him to show you the best path over, under, around or through the obstacle in your way. Then follow through and praise His holy name when you reach the other side.

The trail on the other side is worth it.


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