Home Decor On A Budget

One of my favorite things in the world is getting new home decor ideas. With the Internet and tablet apps, this is so easy! Suddenly you have a whole new world of pictures and options enough to make your head spin.

The only problem is that my bank account doesn't always allow for the ideas that I fall in love with. You probably know that feeling.

So what's a woman who's in love with making her house a home to do? DIY!

1. Rearrange. While I love moving furniture around as much as the next homemaker, you can take it one step further. Switch pieces from one room to the other and see what you'll end up with. I don't mean the kitchen table in the middle of the master bedroom, obviously. Try swapping lamp tables, foot stools or artwork. The bookshelves in the living room might look phenomenal in the kids' room. Or the desk from the spare room could work even better to create an office space in the living room. Don't tie yourself down to where things are "supposed to" go.

2. Repurpose. That basket that's been holding fruit in the kitchen is now full of books in the living room. The serving tray from the dining room now has a collection of stones in it for decoration in the spare room. Just because it's designed for one purpose doesn't mean you can't use it anywhere you want. Instead of buying a whole new "whatever it is you want," see if there's something you already own that would serve the purpose and be more interesting.

3. Small changes. My tendency is to want to redo an entire space all at once. Instead of clearing out the whole room and remodeling everything, do one project at a time. You might find that just changing the wall color or just putting out different pillows was really all the room needed.

4. Declutter. Nothing changes a space like having it cleared out. Spend not a single cent - unless your trash and recycle guy charges by the pound. Just filing paperwork, shredding old stuff and recycling your magazines will open up the whole room in a short amount of time. Just prepare for paper cuts.


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