Button Flowers

OK, this is absolutely the cutest idea I've seen in ages. In keeping with yesterday's Home Decor on a Budget theme, I put together these adorable button flowers. I had everything I needed right here in the house, so that made it quick, easy and downright cheap. Yay!

All I used were buttons, some wire, a vase and some jewelry pliers. That's it. You probably have most of those things handy, too. Check now if you'd like ... I'll wait.

Choose three buttons that have whole approximately the same distance apart. They don't have to be exact, but they'll stack better if they are, and the wire will go through them much more easily. Yes, this is the voice of experience speaking.

It's also a neat idea to pick contrasting colors so they'll stand out. I made a whole bunch in several different combinations, and the ones I liked best were completely different shades.

Thread one hole of each button onto the wire. Don't cut it off the spool until you're completely done. This makes cutting your stem to the length you want much easier.

Bend over a small amount of wire. I won't tell you how much because you'll want enough to go through your buttons and wrap around the stem. This will depend on how thick your buttons are and how much you want leftover to work with. Experiment and you'll find a length that works for you.

Thread the wire back through the opposite hole of the buttons. If you're using a thicker wire, you may need the pliers to help work it through. This is fine, just be careful not to scratch the buttons. Yes, this is the voice of experience speaking again. Thanks for asking...

On the underside of the button, pinch the wire together very close to the back of the button. Then twist and wrap the wire around the stem. If you've got too much left over, just trim it with your pliers.

And here's the finished wire. Once I got in the swing of things, each one took me less than two minutes. But the fun part (and time-consuming part) was choosing color combinations.

Absolutely adorable, these flowers would be perfect for any occasion. Think about baby colors, bridal colors, birthday, Fourth of July, spring, summer - wow. The possibilities are endless.


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