Oh Deer - New on the Carrell Wildlife Preserve

 It's been an exciting 12 hours on the property! We're helping the IDNR with orphan deer rescue this year, and our first baby arrived yesterday.

She is only a few days old - her mother was hit by a car. It's easy to remember how young she is because she is incredibly tiny and all legs. But she can run like the wind!

We have an amazing friend who has been raising orphaned fawns for years, and he has been a fount of information. We're incredibly thankful that he thought of us to help with this amazing project.
So, much like having a new baby, we were up for a 5:30 feeding this morning. She's not drinking a lot yet, and we're sure there will be a lot of trial and error on all three of our parts before we get this figured out.

We have a structure and enclosure already set up just up the hill from the house, so she has a warm, safe, dry place to stay. Danny's already decided to clear out a bunch of the weeds - just enough that we don't have to search the entire enclosure to find her every morning. She's so tiny, it takes a while to track her down.

Please pray that we'll have the wisdom to care for this tiny creature and release her back to the wild. Please also pray that, while I'm holding her in my lap, feeding her and caring for her, that I won't get too attached and lose my heart.

Oops. Too late.


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