A Weekend of Waiting

I have been waiting for these eggs to hatch for absolutely forever!

I'm ready to see the little babies inside. It's been a year since I've seen the nest full of little fluffy baby birds. It's time.

Well, it's apparently not time. God knows exactly when they'll be ready to hatch and meet me. This is something I absolutely do not know. Obviously.

So in the meantime, I wait. The great benefit of this waiting is the growing anticipation for those wonderful babies. I'm getting more excited by the day.

Make this a weekend of  waiting. The Lord has some wonderful things planned for your life, but only if you're patient enough to bring them to pass. If we rush and get ahead of Him, we probably won't see the best of what He had planned - and that's just not acceptable!

So wait. Be patient. Use this weekend to slow down your pace and see what God has in store for your days.


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