The Size of The Canvas

A local paper crafter told me a couple of weeks ago that she was loving the opportunity to make some bulletin boards. It was like making cards or scrapbook pages, just on a larger canvas. This had me thinking!

So when I was asked to put together a Christmas bulletin board at the church this weekend, I pulled out one of my favorite card templates and used it on that larger canvas. Wrapping paper, wired ribbon, card stock letters and glittered Christmas ornaments replaced my usual scrapbooking supplies.

Then I just had to come home and make a card with the same layout. I love this design and how versatile it is. I could use this exact same arrangement for Christmas or birthday photos on a scrapbook page.

How creative can you get with the same layout, shape, template or design?


  1. Thank you for your idea! I used it on my bulletin board here:


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