Scallop Shell Journal

 This is what I've been saving the shells from our stuffed scallops for. I love the look and color of these shells on the front of a journal.

 The struggle was actually finding a notebook large enough for the shell and without a cover that's already been decorated. I finally found some at my third stop. Then I covered it with card stock and decorator paper. The tag is a card stock sticker.

Now comes the fun part - finding the perfect glue. I tried a couple before I found one that actually worked. This one is still a little too wet for my liking and water-stained the paper a little. Experiment with different ones until you find one that not only works but doesn't leak out from underneath the shell.

We're supposed to have inches of snow overnight tonight, so this journal has made me think of summer and warm evenings on the beach. Maybe those are exactly the thoughts we need in the last days of December!


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