Hello Barn Kitty!

This is the newest addition to the Carrell Wildlife Preserve.

Danny found this little kitten in one of our  raccoon traps. The funny thing was that there wasn't any bait in it - she was just curious and got caught.

She can't be more than six or seven months old, which just about broke my heart. She's an attention hog, which makes me guess that she was a house kitty. Either she was dumped out here in the country, or she wandered away from home and didn't know where she was.

So now she's our barn kitty. That's her name. Barn Kitty. She has to be an outdoor cat because I have severe kitty allergies. Just loving on her for the couple of minutes twice a day when I feed her can be a problem. But then she sits in the window like this and I can't help myself.

It's a cold Iowa winter, so she's got a bed under the deck out of the wind, and she's even got a heated water bowl just outside the back door. Barn Kitty is incredible talkative, very snuggable and the sweetest thing ever. I'm glad she wandered our way. Hopefully she'll be a great mouser and the perfect addition to the property. She has been so far!


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