Work Days On the Property

Praise God, we've finally gotten some much-needed rain! They say that we won't be fully out of our drought until at least November at this rate, but what a lovely, cleansing few days we've had.

The rain has greened everything up, and the grass is even starting to look healthy again. The browns and dark colors of drought are slowly being replaced by those cool shades of green that make you smile a little when you haven't seen them for a while.

And that means we're having work days on the property! There hasn't been much reason to mow or trim until now. And a couple of days off means I can get caught up on the inside work, too. It feel so good to be productive.

I pray your week will end with joy, peace, answered prayer and some extra-special blessings.

Enjoy the day! Time to roll up my sleeves!


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