An Elegant - And Fun - Gift Jar

We're doing our best to eat healthy - the goal is nine days with as much nutritional food as possible.

That makes snacking difficult, so we've cleaned out the sugar and replaced it with more natural choices. Nuts, for example, have become a quick favorite.

So to encourage Danny to choose them over something else, I made a layered gift jar with three of our favorites - walnuts, almonds and peanuts. The decorative vase was something I had saved in the back of the cupboard.

The note is tied on with twine to match the colors of the nuts and make it a little more manly gift. The note itself is made from some scraps of card-making paper and a few stickers. You can leave the back blank or write your own sweet message, like I did.

This makes a great, easy gift. If nuts aren't your thing, consider candy, decorative stones or pebbles, small toys, popcorn, cookies...whatever your gift recipient absolutely loves. Make the note something special and coordinate with your theme.


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