The Dog Treat Catapult

At the bookstore the other day, Danny found this adorable tabletop catapult kit. He decided to put this together and see what all he could launch with it.

After trying a Hershey's Kiss, which I appreciated, we quickly changed to puppy treats.

Not only do they launch significantly better, it was a riot to watch the girls react to the incoming edible missiles.

Suddenly our lazy, sleepy dogs were all kinds of alert and full of love and attention. The building part must have been fun, but seeing the girls' eyes light up and ears perk up was the best part.


  1. Although I do not usually comment, I love reading your posts. This one had me laughing. I can only imagine my boxer running after the treats!

  2. It's a great way to get them up and running, that's for sure. Definitely something fun and out of the ordinary.

    I was told that we can't call it a cat-apult if we're using it for puppy treats, though. Something about mixing my species of animal, I guess.

    Glad to give you your laugh for the day, Jessica! Thanks for the kind words.


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