Lemonade Pie

There's not much better than lemonade in the heat of summer. Our temperatures are a little cooler this week, but this Lemonade Pie is still a breath of fresh air on an August day.

1 6oz can of lemonade concentrate
1 14oz can of sweetened condensed milk
1 12 oz container of whipped topping, divided
1 pre-made graham cracker pie crust
lemon zest, if you like

1. Combine lemonade concentrate and sweetened condensed milk in a bowl.

2. Add 2/3 of the container of whipped topping. (Just eyeball it.) Save the rest for garnish.

3. Pour mixture into the pie crust. Put the cover on and refrigerate for about 12 hours. (Overnight, or make it early in the morning for an evening treat.)

4. Garnish with the reserved whipped topping and a little lemon zest, if you like.


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