Summer Scrapbook Challenge

Summer has been so busy that I've fallen quite behind in my scrapbooking. OK, truth is, I'm so far behind I may never catch up.

So I challenged myself to a "farewell to summer" scrapbook page. A few of my favorite summer pictures, some typical summer colors and a couple of great images. Add a little journaling and some pretty patterns and I had a great summer wrap-up page!

Now the challenge is yours. Pull out some of those summer photos and find the summer-themed supplies I know you have stashed away somewhere. Put them all together and see just how much fun you've had over the past few months.
Here are some ideas to get you started.

* ladybugs
* sunshine
* picnics
* ice cream
* sunflowers
* flip flops
* sports
* watermelon
* fish
* butterflies
* paper lanterns

* fluorescent shades
* red, yellow and orange
* bright greens
* deep blues


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