Masking Technique

Masking is a technique that allows you to create a design inside a shape without spilling out over the edges. Many times when you see a stamped image inside another image, the outside was masked off to create the illusion of shape in a shape.

This beautiful summer card was made using this masking technique. That's how the circle of stamped and chalked images are contained within the circle shape.

Start by cutting or punching your shape. I used my circle cutter to make a 3-inch circle in a scarp piece of white card stock. Use temporary adhesive to attach your new template to the paper you're going to stamp on.

Stamp your image in first and second generation stamps, overlapping the edges of the template. This is why you want to tack down the template - any movement and you'll ruin that circle you're creating around the edge.

Lightly chalk the edges of template and then remove it. Blend any dark spots, being careful not to go outside the circle you've created.

Now you can use this image for anything you want. I trimmed it down, inked the edges and matted it on two coordinating colors of card stock. Then I stamped the phrase in a very deep black ink so it would show clearly. A little twine around the top and it's the perfect little package.

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