Birthday Hat Birthday Card

 Here's a great, quick card that looks much spiffier than a normal square card. It's pretty small, but it has a dramatic effect.

There's enough room inside to write your special birthday wishes. You can make it any size you'd like to fit in your chosen envelope. Or give it without one - you can attach it to a package or leave it on someone's desk.

Fold a coffee filter in fourths so you have a cone shape. Fold a piece of card stock slightly larger than the filter in half.

Overlap the filter over the folded edge of the card stock. Use it as a template to cut your cone shape.

You may want to make it a little taller or trim up the edges once you're done cutting. Decorate with punched or die cut circles. Overlap them off the edges and trim.

To make the pom pom on top, cut a slightly larger circle. Then cut little notches out at random intervals. Adhere to the pointy top of the card.

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