Happy 1st Day of Summer!

Today it's official! Summer is here!

So find a great way to celebrate today ... or tomorrow ... or all week ... or over the weekend! Or just enjoy it all summer long!

* Pack a picnic dinner.
* Go fishing.
* Take in a summer concert series.
* Put together a fruit salad.
* Go to the beach, lake or pool.
* Decorate with those big, happy, colorful daisies.
* Take a day trip to somewhere nearby that you've never been.
* Go to a yard sale.
* Have a craft day and make your own flip flops, pinwheels or other nostalgic project.
* Spend one entire afternoon reading.
* Make your own iced coffee and lemonade.
* Send a whole handful of postcards - whether you've been on vacation or not.
* Plan a no-cook meal.

Happy Summer!


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