Waste Not, Want Not

 It absolutely kills me to get rid of useful things. Take this huge pile of alphabet stickers, for example. They are in perfectly good condition, but I have used up many of the "important" letters. Now the colors don't match, there aren't enough to make recognizable words and I don't have the coordinating papers for many of them anymore.

So what's a girl to do?

Here's where creativity comes in. I used a variety of sizes, shapes and colors of leftover alphabet stickers to make the background for this card. They're all overlapping and jumbled together, so it doesn't matter that they're all different - a hodgepodge of surplus supplies.

Then I used a few more to make the 'thanks' for the front and there you have it. It only made a slight dent in the thousands of letters that I have, but it made for a lovely card.

If you have ideas for using up these useful, although plentiful, letter stickers, please share them. Apparently they're like bunny rabbits - I don't think I had this many sheets of letters a few days ago.

You can find this card, and many others with KJV Scripture inside, in my shop: http://www.stufffromtrees.etsy.com/.


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