No Boring Gift Giving Allowed

One of my favorite memories from childhood is my Easter morning egg hunts. I would wake up to find a note next to my bed telling me to go somewhere in the house. That spot would contain an Easter egg with either a goodie inside or another location to head to. At the end of a dozen or so eggs, I would find my Easter basket.

This concept is one that has stuck with me for three decades. I use it all the time so that my husband doesn't just have a pile of gifts waiting for him. That's too easy.

For his Valentine's Day gift yesterday, I had four little things I wanted to give him. But instead of investing in a gift bag, I made him a treasure hunt. The first note tells where to go first. That's where the first gift is hidden. It's always best to give a gift on the first note, just for the feeling of accomplishment. By the first gift is a second note, giving the next location.

This continues, alternating gifts and more clues, until you've run out of gifts or places to hide them. I always put a handmade card at the last one, too. I like to make it personal and special that way.

Treasure hunts work for any special occasion and you can tailor them to fit the holiday. Use Easter eggs, paper sacks, Chinese take-away boxes or envelopes stamped with a coordinating design. The search is half the fun - following along and enjoying the search is the other half.


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