A Heart-Shaped Valentine's Feast

It's now less than one week until Valentine's Day. Use the next few days to plan the most lovely, heart-shaped meal for those you love. From beginning to end, there are so many ways to make lovey-dovey food! Grab a heart-shaped cookie cutter, heart-shaped pans and a knife - the possibilities are endless.

* waffles
* eggs
* toast
* muffins

* sandwiches
* crackers and cheese
* fruits and veggies arranged in a heart-shaped pile
* dips and sauces in heart-shaped bowls
* vegetable slices for a salad

Main Course:
* butterfly a steak into the shape of a heart
* pizza
* rolls
* burgers
* pita pockets
* sushi
* pasta

* mini cheesecakes
* cookies
* bite-sized cakes
* chocolates
* brownies
* rice cereal treats
* cut hearts out of a marshmallow
* sprinkles on everything!

Check out your local grocery and department stores to see what special Valentine's items they might have. Stock up on Feb. 15 so you'll have some leftover ideas to use all year!


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