Fun Spring Flowers

Even if your weather doesn't scream "Spring" yet, you can still add a little warmth to your craft projects. The flower for this Spring card is super-easy and super-versatile. With just a couple of leftover paper supplies you'll be making flowers for everything!

1. Cut or punch a 1.25 inch circle. Place a floral design in it using a stamp, die cut or sticker.
2. Cut a 1.5x12 inch strip of decorator paper. On the back, mark it at the .25 inch point with a pencil. Fold it accordion-style with that first fold as your measure. If you have a scoring blade for you paper trimmer, you can use that the entire length of the paper.

3. When you've accordion-folded the entire length of the paper, adhere the two ends together, printed side out, with double stick tape or your favorite adhesive. This will make a funny little circle.

4. Push gently on the top edge of this circle to flatten it out. That top edge is now the center of your circle. Lay two small pieces of double stick tape over the hole to hold it in place.

5. Adhere your cut circle securely to the center where the double stick tape is.

This flower can now be used for a number of different projects:
* homemade cards (the hand-out kind, not the mailing kind)
* scrapbook pages
* put them on a straw or skewer for plant stakes
* make several for a table centerpiece
* scatter them around the middle of the table for party favors
* Attach several to a picture frame for instant art work
The possibilities are endless!
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