Dog Show Worthy

It was so interesting to watch the AKC dog show last week. There are so many beautiful dogs in this world and such sweet personalities to go with them. What a blessing it was when God created our four-legged friends.

And sitting through a show like that makes us appreciate our own dogs even more. They may be a mixed breed, but that's made them all the more lovable. It didn't take long before we were on the floor with them, cuddling and playing, while the show was playing in the background.

Sadie is such a hoot - she knows the command to "watch the puppies on tv." She'll turn to the television screen, mesmerized by whatever the dogs are doing. She won't do it with people or nature - just dogs. So she was glued to the dog show, watching the puppies do interesting things in the ring.

I'm convinced that our girls could win a dog show. I know they're not purebred anything, but they have shows for mixed breeds. They are both absolutely gorgeous (no bias here) and they'd win over the judges heart in a moment. Sadie has an arsenal of tricks she can whip out and Bailey would just turn those soulful eyes up and watch everyone melt.

Seeing the multitude of choices in dog breeds, temperaments and grooming regimens out there draws us closer to our own pets. Even with other options out there, our girls are perfect for us. Perhaps that's how we ended up together, playing on the floor, watching the dog show together. Sounds perfectly perfect to me.


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