Cards That KISS

KISS: As in "Keep It Simple, Sister!"

You don't have to spend a fortune in craft supplies or spend tons of time making projects that mean something. Sometimes a one-layer card can speak volumes. Keep it simple and still show your heart.

* Stamp your way around the edges. Instead of relying on the edges of your paper layers to create a frame around your card, create your own. These stitches are hand-stamped in a contrasting color.

* Make your focal point stand out. The Scripture is the best part of this card and the flowers just draw your eye in. You don't need to raise it to 3D levels to make it pop off the page. On this card I highlighted each line of text with a little yellow chalk to give it a highlighted look.

* For this beautiful tie-dyed look, apply chalk in a circular motion, letting the edges overlap a little. Then use your finger or another cotton puff to blur the lines. There's nothing to distract from the words, but everything works together perfectly.
These three cards, plus many others and great paper crafts, are available for purchase in our shop:


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