Sunday S'mores

Nothing says summer like making s'mores over an open fire. It's probably been a seasonal tradition since the beginning of time. should be.

Now that we've officially hit bonfire season, here are just a few ideas to make your s'mores-making memorable, too.

For your next bonfire, fill a baking sheet or wooden tray with lots of different s'mores ingredients. Start with several flavors of marshmallows and graham crackers, then branch out into peanut butter cups, chocolate chip cookies, and drizzles.

For s'mores party favors, fill snack bags with mini marshmallows, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, and small chocolate candies.

Is rain ruining your big bonfire plans? S'mores can easily be moved indoors

If it's too hot to go outside but you still want s'mores, never fear. Try these s'mores crescents or spread marshmallow fluff between graham crackers, then dip them in melted chocolate.

You can even let your love of s'mores spill over into your everyday life. Here's a s'mores-themed planner layout that might be right up your alley.

And we close today with some of the best s'mores puns to put on cards and gifts. I can hear the groans already...

The world needs s'more people like you.
Life is s'more fun with you as my friend.
Making s'more memories.
The s'more, the merrier.

Have an amazing week!


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