It's All Fun And Games Until The Puppy Falls Asleep

No doubt you've seen a puppy play hard and then fall asleep right where they are. Our dogs range in age from 7 to 15, but they still doze off on the spot. Like under the papasan chair. Apparently wicker is comfier than it looks.

We put these bar stools on the couch while we're gone, mostly to make sure we have a couch when we get back. Diesel obviously didn't care where it was because he was just that tired.

Molly doesn't usually sleep uncomfortably - when you're the big dog, you've earned the right to be comfortable. This nap was well deserved after an afternoon of rearranging all the blankets in the house. 

And when she finally keeled over, Diesel was right there to join her.

Until he found some blankets of his own to cuddle with.

And just so she's not left out, Callie just goes with the flow. She'll cuddle with whoever's close by, then slowly drift off to sleep. Then she's recharged and ready to hit the ground running again. Play, sleep, repeat.


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