Of Faded Paper And A Feathered Protector

It's time for a confession. I stole parts from a bulletin board I had made downstairs at the church to make a new bulletin board upstairs. 

There. I feel so much better. 

Of course, it wasn't technically stealing because it was mine to begin with. And if you take something that's already yours, even just to reuse it elsewhere, I'm not sure that counts either.

As I was taking the die cuts down downstairs (say that five times fast), this bright, vivid green appeared from behind them. That's the shade of green the whole paper used to be! Can you believe the difference in this picture? Sure, it's been up for at least three years, but it's in an interior hallway without direct sunlight. Who woulda thunk it?

That green paper had been protected by the die cuts without those of us walking past it having a clue. And it was just enough light on it to fade the paper gradually over a matter of years. But not underneath the shapes. If I wanted to, I could put each piece back in exactly the same place because the outlines are very clear. They've made their mark.

He shall cover 
thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. Psalm 91:4

In Psalm 91, the psalmist is writing about the unfailing protection of the Lord. He can't use enough comparisons to explain our safety when we trust in God - secret places, shadows, refuge, fortress, no snare of the fowler or noisy pestilence, angels with charge over us, no tripping or injuring ourselves. If you don't understand how protected we are by our heavenly Father after these 16 verses, try reading them again and putting your name in place of the words thee and thy.

My favorite verse here is the fourth. An Iowa girl can picture the mama hen on her eggs, and then on her chicks once they've hatched. They don't get to go wandering off. She's got them tucked so far underneath her wing that they have no idea what's happening out in the world. She's definitely not letting anything happen to those precious babies.

This, my friend, is nothing compared to the safety and protection under the watch care of the Lord. We're tucked up under His wing because that's where He wants us. It's His joy for us to be so close to Him that we can feel His heartbeat next to our own. He loves to protect us, pull us closer, and let us rest and recuperate while He takes care of everything else.

You and I are the bright green spots on the bulletin board. We've been covered by the feathers of God, and nothing has gotten through Him. He is never surprised or startled out of place. He never moves an inch or gives the enemy any ground. He is rock-solid, our covering, our trustworthy protector, and our shield for a lifetime.

As you start a brand-new week, take a look around and remember that you are covered by the feathered wings of your Protector. He is taking care of everything around you so you can focus on Him. Set your love upon Him and see how He delivers you time and time again.


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