Everything You Need For Pork Carnitas Street Tacos

One of our local restaurants was named Best Street Tacos in Iowa. And they deserve that title! They're one of the most popular restaurants, and they focus on fresh, made-to-order menu items. So good.

We get all of our meat at home from Butcher Box, so it's organic, grass-fed, and grass-finished. It makes eating out hard, though, because it's hard to beat what we're making at home.

Yesterday I pulled pork carnitas - a jalapeno-citrus braised pulled pork - and made my own street tacos. They were absolutely fabulous, and incredibly addictive.

So what are the best toppings for street tacos? Mix and match any of the ingredients below to create your own carnitas masterpiece.

* Black beans
* Diced tomatoes
* Refried beans
* Lettuce
* Onions
* Peppers 
* Mushrooms
* Avocado
* Corn
* Olives
* Guacamole
* Salsa
* Queso
* Sour cream
* Cheese
* Hot sauce
* Cilantro
* Lime juice
* Green onions
* Jalapenos
* Fajita veggies
* Pico de Gallo
* Mexican rice

What's your winning combination of toppings?


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