Trees On The Carrell Wildlife Preserve Take A Hi

A couple of weeks ago, Southern Iowa was attacked by intense, straight-line winds. We were both at work when the storm hit, so we didn't get to see what damage it did to the property until lunchtime. That's when I started up the driveway and saw a couple of massive trees across the driveway.

From the other side, the house side of the driveway, it looked even bigger. 

Unfortunately, that wasn't the only tree down. A second fallen tree was just around the bend in front of the house. 

This would be the first one we needed to cut up so it didn't finish falling and hurt someone. Bring out the biggest chainsaw!

This is the best way to put the trees in perspective - that's Danny. By the fallen tree. We were blessed beyond measure that there were no buildings, vehicles, or people in the way when they fell.

The best part - for me anyway - was getting to drive the tractor. Danny hooked up the trailer to it so we could transport the cut branches over to the tree branch pile. I don't know if that's the technical lumberjack term, but it works. Tree branch pile.

I'm a big fan of the tractor now!

It took six trips back and forth for this one tree, and there are still two more down the driveway that we'll need to tackle at some point. 

The only real challenge, other than heat and exhaustion, was the last part of the largest branch. I can't believe how strong the bark is, as it was holding onto that branch for dear life. Eventually, it took my lumberjack and an ax to break through it. And yes, those big pieces were rolled down the hill, not carried to the trailer. Work smarter, not harder, and let gravity do the heavy lifting!

As we finished up, the tree pile was huge. And that's just from one tree. Hopefully, some animal family will make their home under there and be safe from the weather and predators. Maybe we should charge rent...

And now the damaged tree is safe to be around and under. There are enough sticks underneath it to keep the dogs busy for months, so you know where we'll be until the snow comes. Right there, under that tree.


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