Moving, Organizing, And Cleaning Out My Studio

If there's one thing that clogs up creativity and stifles artistic motivation, it's clutter. Beauty has a hard time existing in the same space with piles. Nothing flows when there's too much stuff in the way. That's why having a new, clean, organized studio makes me smile wider than I have in a long time.

For many years, my craft space was set up in the sunroom. You can see it just up the stairs in these photos - all that light is coming from seven large windows and two skylights. But the problem was that it gets super hot in the summer, and that same beautiful sunshine also fades everything in its path. So it was time to move all my supplies to a new room and get organized.

The emotional issues tied to clutter are real, and they're serious. I am literally getting anxious just looking at this picture. All I see are bits and pieces, projects that need to be done, and tools and supplies that need a place to live. Thankfully, it only took a few days to set things to rights.

This same space is now calming and almost creative again! Colors are separated, projects are gathered together, and there's room to just breathe and think. And create. That's the most important part because all that stuff means nothing if it's not being used.

It might sound silly, but this closet makes me giggle with glee. I know where everything is, so now all I have to do is open the doors and grab what I need. That definitely wasn't the case upstairs, so it's like a whole new collection.

So now I'm moved, organized, and cleaned out in a large, lovely space. The stuff itself only moved a few feet - just down the stairs - but now it's usable and ready for creation. I can't wait to see what comes out of my studio first! I'll let you know.


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