Subtle Embellishments For Already-Beautiful Paper Crafts

Someone very special has taken hours of her time to create these beautiful stained glass windows. I stamped the intricate design for her and cut them out, so she could color the tiny details that make them so pretty.

Then we matched each one with a coordinating decorator paper and attached the window in the middle. And the result is so gorgeous.

But now we're ready to embellish them. For me, this is the fun part. I'm not a tedious-work kind of girl, so I don't enjoy coloring, but picking out bits and pieces to dress them up is the best.

With such a variety of colors, there are endless possibilities of making them stand out even more. I could...

* cut squares of coordinating paper in half diagonally to make corners in the corners.

* tie a length of ribbon along the fold of the card and tie a pretty bow.

* choose eyelets or brads for the corners.

* randomly space tiny gems over the stained-glass window.

* stamp or print out a small word or phrase for inside the window.

* use clear liquid glass over the window for super shine.

* stamp a tiny border around the outside edge of the card.

* attach tiny paper flowers randomly, accenting the flowers in the windows.

* add a large 3D flower or leaf across the whole card diagonally.

What embellishments would you use on these cards?


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