Sunday Sketches

Earlier this week I moved my card-making supplies from the craft room to the dining room. I'm having some sparks of creativity that I've got to get down on paper, and having everything handy is a huge convenience.

For my first new sketch of the year, I put together a beautiful spring floral bouquet with several layers of frames. I'm a huge fan of layers, and alternating shapes like this makes me happy. The frames alternate between square corners and rounded corners, which adds more depth and interest. All of the edges are ink-distressed to add some texture.

My corners are tiny yellow acrylic dots, which coordinate with the colors of the flowers. There are also a few dots randomly placed around the bouquet because there's no such thing as too much color.

If you're ready to make this sketch your own, start with a folded piece of card stock and cover it with a solid color. Cut a smaller rectangle of the paper of your choice and round the edges with scissors or a punch.

For the inner frame, cut two smaller rectangles, both with rounded corners, and use one for a mat. Then choose an image that will hang over the edges of the inner frame. Your sentiment can be stamped or printed and matted on coordinating paper. Finish it off with your favorite embellishments, like dots, brads or buttons.

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